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Estate Sales

Why you should use an estate sale company & how to get started

Setting up an estate sale is A LOT of work. There are several aspects to running a successful sale that many people don't think about. Using a professional ensures a smooth, profitable sale. While many items are suitable for an estate sale, there are often items that will sell better in a different market. A professional will know how best to sell your collectibles.

The first thing we tell people is DO NOT throw anything away! Some of the most valuable items are disguised as junk. That old oil can, that broken doll, or even that ugly painting your aunt Sarah gave you could be something special. We have a lot of experience identifying these types of items, so we ask that you leave it to us to throw away the real trash. 

The ins & outs of an estate sale

Our staff will go through the house and pull everything out so that it is visible for the sale. Items are then researched, appraised, cleaned, priced and displayed. We will conduct the sale with knowledgeable staff to assist, answer questions and help buyers with their purchases.

Advertising is placed in the local newspaper, on craigslist,, and on our website. We have over 2,000 people on our mailing list, and emails are sent out weekly.  

After the sale, we will leave your house in broom swept condition. Items that didn't sell during the estate sale can either be donated, or we work with a local auctioneer who will purchase the remaining contents of saleable items.


Everything is done for you so you don't have to worry. You will receive an itemized summary sheet and check within one week of sale. 

 20 Years of Accumulated Experience

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We offer free consultations for all of our services.

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